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Vučić: "I'm afraid that the world is going in the worst direction. Everything will be clear by November 5"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public after the Resolution on Srebrenica was passed.

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Vučić: "I'm afraid that the world is going in the worst direction. Everything will be clear by November 5"


He spoke about Serbia's struggle in the UN, but also about other current topics.

"The main hero was our country, which managed to resist the pressure and achieve a respectable and almost impossible result. I came tonight to hear more stories. I would divide it into three parts. The first is that Vučić is to blame for everything, the second is that they are so nervous about the results that they called for my murder," said Vučić and emphasized that he had already been to Srebrenica.

"Thank you for the invitation to be killed. If I respond positively, everyone will know that Konaković was responsible for it," he added.

"They never asked themselves that the Serbs would have behaved differently if they had said they loved Republika Srpska. A good number of countries were against it because they understood the politicization of the whole process. They say it is not written anywhere. Well, it is not written anywhere, but we all know who it is committed. The first item was a moral responsibility for the Serbian people, and the second was to get hold of our money.

"There is no winner here. The winner must be both of us together," Vučić said and emphasized that we must work to build brotherhood with Bosniaks.

"Tomorrow I will have a meeting with the Mufti of the Islamic Community of Serbia. After that, I will have a meeting with another Islamic community," announced Vučić.

"It was my idea to carry the flag"

"I saw that they were obsessed with the flag I draped myself in. I did it on purpose. I heard terrible stories about Honduras. We put up a folded flag. They did everything possible, tried to find out what I was going to say. They didn't let me go out on that's why the Russian representative intervened. It's such an emotional moment that you don't sleep about for 45 days," explained Vučić.

"Twice security intervenes and stands between the Serb and Bosniak victims. You also respect the Bosniak victims and all this goes through your head. You know how much work you put in. I see that our flag hit them the most and my idea was to carry the flag. I'm going to wear it always on all UN sessions," he added.

"I hoped that Bulgaria would be restrained"

"I was hoping for a surprise from Bulgaria. Until five minutes before the session, I was convinced that Bulgaria would be restrained," said Vučić.

"You have to bring results that must be based on a more serious and responsible approach. The German people are a great nation that we have to respect. When they attack us, we respond without hesitation but we still respect them. Whatever I think of Baerbock, I don't think anything good of her work, because their foundation is doing everything to topple our coalition from power. They are not satisfied with such a Serbia, but with someone who would applaud them for such a resolution," he added.

A factory opens in Čačak

"Tomorrow, we are laying the foundation stone in Čačak. 82 million euros is an investment. It is a big deal for Čačak and its surroundings. We live off of it," he stressed.

On the upcoming elections: "You have to have ideas, a program"

"We changed the entire lists in the cities, we changed 50 councilors each. You have to talk to the people. You are here for them", he emphasized and added that no one can guess whether and how long they will be in power.

"You have to have an idea, a program. People are interested if you have something to do for them and not for yourself," added Vučić.

"I hope that we will finish these elections successfully", he added and said that after the elections, three topics will be key, one of which is EXPO, the issue of food, medicines and to further develop artificial intelligence.

"Everything must be clear by November 5"

"I can tell you now with considerable certainty that we will try to preserve peace and stability. I am afraid that the world is going in the worst direction. The bottom line is that I am afraid that we will face the most difficult situation since the Second World War. It is not excluded that there will be a more difficult situation with a huge number of people killed," said Vučić and added that we will try to protect ourselves.

"Everything must be clear by November 5," he stressed.

He points out that many have built their identity on the attitude against Serbia and by conducting an unbearable, the most terrible hunt.

"Look at the newspapers in Podgorica, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Pristina. They bring it to me. I don't read Albanian, but I can see my image and I know that it's never a positive thing. It's just not normal to survive that if you haven't hardened. Every day 20 texts come out. They attacked Jelena Karleuša, Tijana Bogdanović... Everyone has to go through the "hot rabbit" in order to prevent this from happening in the future. You can see the alleged ones here non-governmental organizations that have turned into pressure groups - they are part of the media and the NGO sector itself. And whatever you say or do, it will never be positive news. The one who threatened me last seven or eight times is convicted of narcotics," he said.

Vučić says that only King Milutin may have built more churches and monasteries than him.

"I think I am responsible for the construction of the largest number of churches and monasteries, and for the greatest support for mosques and Catholic and Protestant churches, but especially for Orthodox churches and monasteries. No one has ever built them in Serbian history, maybe King Milutin, of course, more important. We did more in the last 10 years. Just so people keep that in mind".

''The Church of St. Sava is like that because someone said for the first time, let's stop talking about donations of a thousand and two, instead we took and spent 90 million euros, a huge amount of money. Patriarch Irinej could not believe it, and Patriarch Porfirije also, when he saw it now. And I'm happy about that. First they attacked me, and now I am "a satan". And "satan" is anyone who opposes their policy, pressure groups and so on," said Vučić.


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