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Danka's killers go to the Special Prison Hospital in Belgrade for a psychiatric checkup

D.D. and S.J., suspects in the murder of two-year-old Danka Ilić, will be sent for a psychiatric examination at the Special Prison Hospital in Belgrade as soon as the conditions are met.

Izvor: Blic

Danka's killers go to the Special Prison Hospital in Belgrade for a psychiatric checkup


More precisely, as soon as their presence is no longer necessary during the evidentiary actions that are currently being conducted, it was confirmed to "Blic" in the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar.

"The custody of D.D. and S.J. according to the decision of the judge for preliminary proceedings of the High Court in Zaječar expires on May 3, 2024, and after that a decision will be made on the possible extension of custody. In the interest of the investigation, we cannot tell you which persons will be questioned in their capacity as witnesses in the coming period", they state in VJT Zaječar.

DD admitted that he strangled the girl after she was hit by a car and her body was moved from the landfill where it was originally left. His brother was also detained, but he died in prison and was buried on Thursday.

"The report on the autopsy of the now deceased D.D. has not yet been submitted to the prosecutor's office. It is not possible to determine in an exact way the degree of alcoholism of D.D. and S.J. at the moment when the child was hit by the car, due to the passage of time from the moment of the car's impact to their arrest," said VJT Zaječar.

R.D., the father of the suspect D.D., was also heard before the VJT in Zaječar, where he defended himself by remaining silent, and the judge for the preliminary proceedings of the High Court in Zaječar ordered him to be detained for up to 30 days.

The police continue the search for the body of two-year-old Danka Ilić, and so far the bed of the Zlotska river from the village of Zlot to Sumrakovac, as well as water tanks, have been searched.

Both of the suspects in the murder of little Danka were employees of JKP ''Waterworks" Bor, and that is why the cisterns and reservoirs are being inspected, because it was they who knew the layout of those reservoirs and visited them regularly.


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