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Police has a new direction in the search for Danka's body; Is it the last hope?

Ever since the girl Danka Ilić (2) from Bor disappeared, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been actively searching for her.

Izvor: Blic

Police has a new direction in the search for Danka's body; Is it the last hope?


In the first hours after the disappearance, police officers were checking every hole the girl could fall into, however, after it was announced that the girl was killed and that the workers of the "Waterworks" public utility company were behind the murder, the policemen began searching for the girl's body in the wells, shafts and reservoirs.

It is suspected that this direction of the search was started precisely because the suspects were well acquainted with shafts and wells in the villages of Banjsko polje and Zlot, writes Blic.

Banjsko polje was a key place in the first days of the search for Danka Ilić. A large number of police officers, as well as firefighters-rescuers, searched for the girl until late at night.

They inspected the forest and every inch of Banjsko polje - from bushes, sheds, unfinished buildings, all the way to septic tanks, wells and manholes.

Soon, two suspects - D.D. and S.J., who are employees of PUK "Waterworks", were arrested. D.D. admitted at the hearing at the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar that he strangled the girl, and that his father R.D. and brother D.D. who also worked at PUK "Waterworks" helped him move the body.

However, it is still not known where the girl's body is hidden.

D.D. died in the meantime in the police station during detention, and for days the police officers are in front of the family house of the murder suspect, in which only the mother of D.D. and S.D. is now residing.

The cistern emptied the septic tank in their yard in the village of Zlot, then an excavator entered it, and the well located in the neighboring yard was also inspected.

The police officers also inspected the neighbor's yard - from the septic tank to the well. The dog helped them in that.

Firefighters and rescuers also pumped water from the nearby swamp during the search.

Dozens of wrong locations

D.D., who died in the night between April 6 and 7 in the police station, admitted that he helped his brother get rid of the body of two-year-old Danka.

He listed to the police about 20 locations where the body could be found, however, the police did not find anything in those places.

He and his brother gave dozens of wrong locations that were thoroughly inspected, in search for the body.


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