"America will intervene"; Will it cause riots?

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov said US is increasingly focusing on changing the government and organizing internal unrest in Russia

Source: B92, Sputnik

"The US, not only launched a hybrid war against Russia, which is being waged, apparently, down to the last Ukrainian, they are still tasked with inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia, they are demonstrating an increasing focus on changing the government here, organizing internal Russian unrest", Ryabkov said.

According to him, under these conditions, the scenario of a confrontation between Moscow and Washington has become "a factual situation from which one must start".

At the same time, Ryabkov did not rule out that further escalation by the United States could lead to the termination of Russian-American diplomatic relations, Sputnik reported.

On the other hand, several Western media have been publishing information for several days that the regime of the Russian president is panicking about the upcoming elections in 2024.

According to analysts, it is clear to Putin that his "position is shaking" in the sense that he no longer has such clear and broad support because more and more Russians are dissatisfied with the war in Ukraine, and more and more petitions are being signed by the mothers of Russian fighters who were taken to the front.

The collected signatures, as stated, number in the hundreds of thousands.

It has been noted, also reported by the Western media, that the Russian propaganda machine has already started using the narrative of American interference in the Russian elections.


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A month before the end of 2023, it is already known that this year will reach a global warming of 1.4 degrees compared to the pre-industrial period.

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