Serbia, get ready: The ice wave is coming

Meteorologist Marko Čubrilo published the latest weather forecast for Serbia until December 17.

Source: Novosti

Judging by the forecast, the ice wave is coming to Serbia, and tomorrow local temperatures will be as low as -14.

Much colder today, snow in the south and southeast, frost tomorrow morning, dry and cold during the day. In the middle of the week, new precipitation, but with a shorter and smaller thaw. Around December 6, snow is possible for a short time in places and in the lowlands. Then, until about halfway through the month, occasional precipitation with temperatures slightly above average.

As we move towards the middle of the month, the establishment of cold synoptics is possible. Today it will be significantly colder with occasional snow in the south and southeast of the region, but the precipitation will stop by the evening. Dry and cold over other regions. Strong, north-westerly wind will blow, which will weaken in the evening. Daily maximum from -2 to +7 degrees Celsius, so in some places it will be colder than yesterday by over 20 degrees Celsius!

According to the long-term trend, the conditions for more concrete snow in the lowlands should not be there until at least around December 17.

Around that date, currently available prognostic material gives a signal for the building of high air pressure in a wider area from Greenland, through Iceland to Scandinavia.

It is possible that this is the first reaction of the atmosphere to the projected weakening of the westerly winds, which is expected in the middle of December, but as this is a very distant period, for now it is only an announcement of a possible trend, and only in about 5-6 days in which such a signal is maintained because it could be the first concrete arrival of cold in the lowlands.

In the following days, the weather will certainly be in accordance with the calendar, and there will be precipitation in the middle of the week.


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