"Hungarian police moved against migrants with no warning"

RTS sound technician Miroslav Djurasinovic, who was a member of a TV crew attacked by Hungarian police on Wednesday, has spoken about the incident.

Source: RTS

Beside Djurasinovic, whose right hand was broken, journalist Jovana Djurovic and cameraman Vladan Hadzi Mijailovic were also beaten, and had their equipment destroyed.

Djurasinovic said on Thursday that two groups of Hungarian police attacked them although they identified themselves clearly as members of the press.

Before the incident, the RTS crew moved along with migrants at the Serbian-Hungarian border, after the Hungarian police opened a part of a passage at the crossing.

"At that point everyone thought they would let the migrants through, and that everything was agreed on. My colleagues and I moved forward to record that moment, because the migrants were happy and satisfied, shouting, 'Serbia,' and 'Hungary'. However, as we went through this narrow passage, we found ourselves among a cordon of police in full gear, with helmets and other equipment to break up demonstrations," he recounted.

When the RTS team reached them, the Hungarian police started beating migrant women and children, as well as the reporters, and started hitting their equipment.

"Even though it was visible we had cameras and microphones, we were desperately shouting we were journalists, we were from the RTS and were there to do our job. However, they continued to beat us. I grabbed our colleague to shield her with my body, but then they pushed us to the ground and two groups of policemen started beating us," Djurasinovic said.

According to him, the Hungarian officers first broke their microphones and other equipment, and then moved against the crew itself.

Cameraman Mijailovic was hit several times on his head and back, and found himself between two cordons of police twice.

"When he tried to exit that Hungarian territory, they came back and started beating him again although his camera was broken and he was injured. Honestly, I don't know how we managed to escape because their aim was to incapacitate us, for us to stay there," Djurasinovic said.

This sound technician with 30 years experience says he was surprised that the Hungarian police did not warn they would move against the demonstrators, as is customary.

"There was no resistance, there was no announcement. There were signs, shouts of the migrants, because they thought they were being let through. They (police) started beating people with no warning of any kind," Djurasinovic said.


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