"It's dangerous to say it's over" VIDEO

Immunologist Dr Srdja Jankovic pointed out that with the abolition of curfew caution and awareness is still needed given that the virus is still present

Source: B92
Printskrin/TV Prva
Printskrin/TV Prva

This is not a day after, but a new phase. Gradual return to life activities. It is dangerous to say 'it's over'. If we want to preserve good results, we need to be aware that we still have an epidemic to fight," Jankovic said.

If people do not have a developed social consciousness, every citizen needs a police officer to guard him, Jankovic said, commenting on the full cafes in Belgrade.

Nothing in life is ever done as it is written in theory, but I hope that we will be as close as possible to protecting human lives, he assessed the measures in public transport.

Currently, there are 20 people gathering at the border, and weddings and funerals are still not organized as usual.

"We have to appeal to patience, that even if we start to get together even though the happiest or saddest occasions are in question, we risk growth."

Kindergartens start on Monday, what do parents need to know, and what do educators need to know?

"The measure that has always been in force, will now be even more in effect. It is that only healthy children go to kindergarten, there will be reduced groups. Who has another option while the virus is in the population should wait with the kindergarten. The worst option is to keep children with grandmothers."

"The epidemic is weak, the virus is transmitted more slowly, but we still don't know if it's due to a drop in virulence."

He advises senior citizens to continue to avoid contact, and to use protective equipment - masks and gloves - as necessary.


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