Prishtina postpones decision; Shots fired near Brnjak; Crossing points closed VIDEO

A tense day in the northern part of Kosovo started with the movements of the Kosovo police, followed by barricades... In the end, it seems things calmed down.

Source: Novosti, Kosovo Online

It all started because the application of reciprocity measures was supposed to start on August 1, more precisely, as the Kosovo Government announced, that from midnight everyone who comes to the crossing points with an identity card of the Republic of Serbia will be handed an entry-exit documents.

Moreover, Pristina will start replacing Serbian license plates of vehicles with Kosovo license plates.

During the day, citizens began to gather in the center of North Mitrovica, dissatisfied with the introduction of reciprocity measures. After that, alarm sirens were heard in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica. KFOR announced that it is monitoring the situation and is ready to intervene.

During the night the situation became increasingly tense. Around midnight, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić also addressed the public, and the U.S. Ambassador in Pristina "pressured" the authorities there to reconsider their decision.

And then, around midnight, news arrived from Pristina that the implementation of these two decisions had been postponed for a month.

The Government of Kosovo announced "that the implementation of the two decisions is postponed until September 1, 2022".

The Kosovo Police Minister explains: Papers are distributed until the barricades are removed

Kurti's press release

"In cooperation with our international allies, we pledge to postpone implementation of decisions on car plates & entry-exit documents at border crossing points with Serbia for 30 days, on the condition that all barricades are removed & complete freedom of movement is restored", press release says.

The alleged disputed document

In Merdare, a few minutes after midnight, the first entry/exit document for a citizen of Serbia was issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo.

Lajčak: I welcome Kosovo's decision

The EU's special envoy for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajčak, welcomed Kosovo's decision to accept Borrell's proposal to postpone the decision on plates and entry/exit documents for a month.

Lajčak wrote on Twitter that "the EU expects all roadblocks to be removed immediately".

"Borrell invited Kosovo and Serbia to engage in dialogue on way forward. I am grateful to the US Embassy to Kosovo for its strong support," Lajčak wrote.

The police of the so-called Kosovo temporarily closed the Brnjak and Jarinje administrative crossings

Kosovo's police has closed two crossing points with Serbia, Jarinje and Brnjak.


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