Vučić in Belgrade: "We've changed the image of Serbia; No going back to the past"

At the pre-election rally of the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vučić addressed the citizens gathered at the Voždovac Sports Center in Belgrade.

Source: B92

SC Voždovac was fully packed half an hour before the start of the address.

Vučić first thanked the citizens who supported his candidacy, and partners from the SPS, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, numerous associations and hundreds of thousands of people from Serbia and the entire region.

"Thank you very much for your kind words. And thank you for being here today. Of course, it is not so easy for me to speak, like Ivica Dacic, but as he said, I am the one who will bear the responsibility. He is here to attract some votes, and I have to take care of every word. What is important is the fact that we have done a lot together in all previous years", said Vucic.

He adds that a lot has been done, and that the overall image of Serbia has changed, not only in the new kilometers of highways and new hospitals.

"First of all, in terms of the number of factories, since you know that we have witnessed the pluner and looting of our factories and unemployment. We brought 250 new factories to Serbia, and I know that is not enough and we can do better. I am convinced that we have strength and energy, and enough passion for our country to do everything for our country to move forward. To show that we can be more successful than we were in the past", Vucic pointed out.

Vučić says that today we are a little ashamed to say that we are the first in terms of economic growth in Europe.

"There are new clinical centers, high-speed railways, metro, these are things that make a difference. These are things that show whether someone accomplished something. When we say that the salary will be higher than 1.000 euros, and the pension more than 500 euros, then we know that we will fulfill that vow. And we would not be able to do that without your energy and strength", he pointed out.

Vučić adds that he is proud of the fact that a positive campaign was conducted, in which opponents were not mentioned or their billboards were not destroyed.

"They said what they wanted, and the only thing you could hear was hatred towards us. So they said that Nikola Jokić did not sign. Yes, Jokić signed, I will show you the signatures. And thousands of them signed, because all these people are tired of their pressure. I have been hearing the worst slanders for five years, that I'm a murderer and that I killed my own child. But the only thing they did not remember is to count the kilometers of the highway. The deeds speak on their own, and we will overcome everything," he said.

"When they are asked what they will do, they say they will move the monument of Stefan Nemanja. All you care about is that monument? So they say they will demolish Belgrade Waterfront, I guess they want to bring those shacks back, to take us back to the past. And I tell them - there's no return to the past, Serbia is moving forward", Vucic said.

"I want to express special gratitude to all the women who pushed this campaign and all the women of Serbia. Because women are the ones who know what responsibility is and what peace and stability is. Therefore, dear ladies, please, on April 3, take the fate of Serbia in your hands, gentlemen will help you a little bit”, he said.

Foto: SNS
Foto: SNS

Sapic: "I believe in President Vucic"


Aleksandar Šapić said that nothing that was done would be possible without the citizens, and that they want to make Serbia the best country.

"Belgrade has always been a city with a wide heart, and today it is a modern, contemporary city, and I will do everything to make Belgrade even better and more prosperous after one term. The support of people for everything that awaits us is very important. We live in difficult times. It was not easy to run a campaign while a great war was looming over Europe", Šapić said.

He adds that without peace and stability, there is no strong economy, and without the economy, it is impossible to develop.

"And that is why I believe in President Aleksandar Vučić that he will find the best and wisest way to get us through these difficult times, and I will do my best if I get your support so as not to disappoint you," said Šapić.


"Round up number six and support the Serbian Progressive Party - that is the future for our children for me, and number one belongs to President Vučić," said Jelena Begović at the beginning.

Foto: SNS
Foto: SNS

In the forefront are Finance Minister Siniša Mali, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, Aleksandar Šapić, Danica Grujičić, Ministers Tomislav Momirović and Darija Kisić Tepavčević, Irena Vujović, Ivica Dačić, Marko Kešelj, athlete Asmir Kolašinac, singers Milica Pavlović and Lepa Lukić, Iva Štrljić, Gordana Saulic...

Dacic: "All for one, one for all"

SPS President Ivica Dačić first greeted Aleksandar Vučić, saying that he is the current and future president.

"We need peace and stability, and a wise decision on Sunday. When we met 10 years ago, we agreed to make a strong Serbia. To give our people back a smile and faith in themselves. And we succeeded. That's why we have no right to stop, and difficult times demand the best from us", said Dačić. He points out that the main burden is still on the back of one man - Aleksandar Vučić. "I know this well because many times together with him I looked into the eyes of the people and countries that pressured us. And the answer was always the same: your pressure is to no avail, Serbia is always in the first place. I want to share that burden", added the SPS president. Ivica Dačić points out that he is proud of all the results that have been achieved in the past decade - investments, roads, railways and hospitals. "But most of all, of course, I appreciate our improved international position and very solid and clear international policy. Every politician should answer a few questions. First - Kosovo and Metohija, whose fake independence we will never recognize. And not only that. We succeeded to convince 18 countries to derecognize Kosovo's independence, and we can do so much more", he said. The president of the SPS says that a lot has been done for the Republika Srpska, led by Vučić, and that they are absolutely against anyone who claims that it is a genocidal creation. "When it comes to NATO, we have clearly said that we do not want to join NATO, we want military neutrality. And those who bombed us are war criminals, and they will be held responsible for that at some point. Vucic is under great pressure to impose sanctions on our friends. His response was clear: We have condemned the violation of the territorial integrity of each country, but imposing sanctions on friends would be our suicide", he said. Dacic says that is why we need wise leadership, and points out that his list and the SNS have one candidate.

"All for one, one for all. That is why I call on all socialists and members of my coalition, as well as all citizens of Serbia, to vote for our candidate, Aleksandar Vučić," Dačić concluded.


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