Media: Spaniards, as Greeks, open office in Kosovo and Metohija; The reason is Kurti?

Media in Pristina write that Spain, considered the EU country with the most rigid attitude towards Kosovo's independence, will open a liaison office in Pristina

Source: Kosovo online

Citing its diplomatic sources in Brussels, the Democracy portal states that Spain has already made this decision.

"Former Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, now in charge of EU foreign policy, has played a key role in this step," Democracy quoted a "well-informed diplomat" saying.

According to this information, the Spanish liaison office, modeled on Russian and Chinese, will be opened in UNMIK, but Kosovo institutions will also be informed about its existence.

It is stated that Borrell is realizing the opening of a Spanish office in exchange for the constructiveness of the so-called prime minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti in further dialogue.

In recent days, the media have been talking about the French plan, which envisions greater rights for Serbs in the north, implementation of agreements signed in Brussels and additional rights for the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, in exchange for visa liberalization and recognition of EU countries that have not yet done so. Pristina media write that within that agreement, there will be no recognition of Kosovo by Serbia and Kosovo's membership in the UN.

As a reminder, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, recently stated that he received an official notification that Greece intends to improve its relations with Priština to the level of an office.


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