Vucic: If Serbia's security is compromised, I'm ready

Vucic reiterated that there was no reason to panic when it comes to migrants, and that he was ready to issue orders to the army and police at any point of time.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug, Rade Prelić
Tanjug, Rade Prelić

"People need not worry; we will be ready for both physical and technical security measures and measures that our army and police can take. I am ready to issue such an order at any time if Serbia's security is compromised", Serbian President said last night, on TV Kopernikus.

He reiterated that he was more concerned with the coronavirus and the health of every human being, but that we must preserve the earth.

He added that "regarding the dissemination of information that there would be 'camps' for migrants in Serbia, we are dealing with irresponsible but also politically corrupt people".

Commenting on the anti-migrant rally in Belgrade yesterday, Vucic said it was a bad rally for the country and represented us poorly in the world, but that he could understand some of the emotions these people carry, which does not mean to justify it.

"It is important for us to show, as far as possible, unity, unity in moments that are not easy for the country. It is not our fault, we are not responsible for the oil, Idlib, or coronavirus...", Vucic said.


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