President meets with heads of UN, UNESCO

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have agreed that "destruction of Serb cultural heritage in Kosovo would be a crime."

Source: Tanjug

During their meeting in New York on Monday, Nikolic also asked for support in preventing the admission of Kosovo to UNESCO, and for protection of Serb heritage.

"It would be a great crime if Serb cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija were to be destroyed. That is why Serbia is investing much effort in preventing the so-called Republic of Kosovo from joining UNESCO. And for that reason we expect the support of all those who act guided by their conscience, so that Serb cultural heritage, which is also world heritage, remains protected," Nikolic said, according to his press service.

The UN chief agreed with Nikolic that destruction of cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija would be a terrible crime that should not be allowed.

Nikolic presented "documents because of which Serbia opposes the admission of so-called 'Republic of Kosovo' to UNESCO," said a statement quoted by Tanjug, and gave Ban the book "The Christian heritage of Kosovo and Metohija - the historical and spiritual homeland of the Serb people," and two authentic films about the unpunished destruction of this heritage.

The UN secretary-general also thanked Nikolic for his participation in this year's UN General Assembly session, pointing out that it was "good to show unity when discussing important matters, such as the Development Agenda after 2015."

He "congratulated Serbia on its huge contribution to the stabilization of the situation in the region."

While in New York Nikolic also spoke with UNESCO Director-General Irena Bokova, and requested that UNESCO transfers the decision-making on jurisdiction over cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija to the Kosovo negotiations held in Brussels - "because it is evident that Albanians are separately taking over jurisdiction of institutions in Kosovo outside the negotiations, directly in these organizations," the statement said.

President Nikolic will on Tuesday address the UN General Assembly.


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