EU's assistance in migrant issue "insufficient" - minister

Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin says EU's assistance for migrants passing through Serbia is "small and insufficient."

Source: Tanjug

The country is unable to deal with this issue alone both financially and politically, he said on Thursday.

"This is not Serbia's problem because we did not create it nor will we solve it - we must collaborate with the EU on this issue", said Vulin adding that the EU has not responded yet to his request for financial support related to migrants arriving from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North Africa.

The minister stressed he "cannot understand that the EU is waiting for vacations to be over to say something on the issue of migrants."

A far more important action than providing Serbia with financial support would be for the EU to define the ways to deal with this issue because so far, we have only seen the wall, he said, in apparent reference to Hungary's border fence.

"The assistance is for now small, more than insufficient, and this is an expenisve process," said Vulin, and added that despite this, Serbia will not allow the migrants passing through its territory to be left without medical help, food or water.

"But we cannot carry this out by ourselves, either financially or politically", said Vulin.

Vulin added that the EU has two options: help establish peace on the territories that the migrants are coming from, or accept them in EU countries.


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