Greater Albania invoked during commemoration in Pristina

International media are reporting that new calls to create "a Greater Albania" have been heard as terrorists killed in Kumanovo were buried in Pristina.

Source: B92

A commemoration was held on Tuesday in the gymnasium of the Pristina University, and like several days earlier in Decani, men wearing uniforms of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) took part.

"The fighters had sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the homeland that is not complete yet. Without unification of Albanians into a Great Albania, the rights of Albanian nation will not be fulfilled," Xhavit Jashari, described by AFP as "a leader of war veterans association in Kosovo," said during the commemoration.

Thee ethnic Albanian National Liberation Army (NLA) meanwhile released a statement that said "the fighters died in the battle of Kumanovo against our Slav Macedonian enemies."

The clash in Kumanovo is described as the biggest since the six-month crisis in Macedonia in 2001 when Albanian groups attacked Macedonian government forces seeking more rights for the ethnic community that makes up about a quarter of the population.


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