Željko Obradović: I'm staying in Partizan!

Partizan's basketball coach Željko Obradović gave an interview to the Greek Sport 24, confirming that he'll lead the "black and white" team next season as well.

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Foto: Srdjan StevanovicStarsportphoto
Foto: Srdjan StevanovicStarsportphoto

The interview with Obradović was arranged by the well-known Greek journalist Vasiliki Karamouza, after the match against Panathinaikos in the last round of the regular Euroleague competition.

When asked if he is thinking about returning to Greece as a coach, where he won five Euroleague trophies and 11 state championship titles with Panathinaikos, Obradović gave a short and clear answer.

"No, because now I'm in Partizan and I promised to be here for three years. This is my second season and nothing else comes to my mind, neither Greece, nor anything else. I never think like that. I don't know what others think. If I'm here, my focus is exclusively on Partizan", said Obradovic.

One of the questions was related to his assessment of the team's performance this season, to which he answered:

"You know it's not the end of the season yet. We still have a lot of games to go, so we'll see what the situation will be".

The inevitable question was about Partizan fans who give huge support to the team from game to game.

"We are happy to be back in the Euroleague and to have great support from the fans. Everyone knows that the Arena is almost always full and that makes us proud. This connection with our fans is amazing and we want to give them as much happiness and joy as possible. Thank you for the support," Obradović said.

Partizan has become a kind of phenomenon this season in the Euroleague.

"It is important that people recognize what Partizan is and how important it is for the Euroleague. Many people from abroad want to come here and see our games live, because of the atmosphere, because of our fans, who do everything for us, for my players who give their maximum on the floor, because there is that connection with the huge support from the stands. Partizan fans have always been like that. Now is a special situation because after eight years, we are back in the Euroleague."

At the end, Obradovic talked about his relationship with the players.

"I've been a coach for more than 30 years. I try to do the job as well as I can, with respect, both for the players and for anyone else, in any kind of competition. I try to work hard on the court, because I think that's good for everyone. In the end, we all have the same goal in front of us," concluded Obradović.


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