Media: Tomo Zorić at the hearing

The Secretary of the State Council of Prosecutors, Tomo Zorić, is currently being questioned by the police, the media write.

Source: Vecernje novosti

Deputy of the Second Basic Prosecutor's Office, Milica Ljubicic, is expected to come for an informative conversation during the day, Novosti has learned.

The news states that they will be questioned about the circumstances of the arrest of Miloš Djukanović in Pancevo, as well as their possible connections with this man who is suspected of being a member of Veljko Belivuk's criminal gang.

Namely, Zorić and Ljubičić were in the company of Djukanović at the time of his arrest, and Zorić later justified himself by saying that he took rent from him for the apartment he was renting.


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