"All parties in some way involved in collapse of banks"

The shareholders of Agrobanka say that all political parties are in some way involved in the collapse of Serbian banks and of Agrobanka.

Source: B92

The shareholders say they will continue their fight by informing the local and international public until the final compensation and restitution of property by the Republic of Serbia.

They say they have repeatedly approached and asked for the opinion of political parties and their leaders about the Agrobanka affair, and their position regarding compensating of "the robbed shareholders." However, there has been no response even two years after the first communication. They added the same was true when it came to the Serbian government, which they repeatedly addressed over the last four years.

"While in previous elections the Agrobanka affair and the battle against the state-political-tycoon crime was in the first place, everything has in the meantime been forgotten and the pillaging of banks was used only for arguments among parliamentary groups in the Assembly sessions for entertainment of the masses.

It is now evident that all political parties are in some way involved in the collapse of Serbian banks and of Agrobanka, and that it is the easiest to forget the affair," the shareholders said in a statement.

They added that unlike from Serbia, they received responses from a large number of world officials.

"The last answer we got On April 15, 2016, from he European Commission, stating that the Commission attaches great importance to the rule of law, judicial reform and the fight against corruption that have an impact on citizens, businesses and investments in Serbia, and that the Commission raises these issues in dialogue with Serbia and considers them in the context of accession negotiations," the shareholders of Agrobanka said in the joint statement.

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