1. Serbia upholds UNSCR1244, that reaffirms KiM as an integral part of Serbian territory with a political “status neutral”.

    What will the criminal KLA terrorists do in reciprocity? Is there a reciprocal UN, and a reciprocal UNSC, with a reciprocal UNSCR 1/1244 that has Serbia reaffirmed to be an integral part of KiM?

    Well this week, the criminal KLA terrorists in “reciprocity” also conceded to “status neutral” license plates.

    Serbia as an internationally recognized state with an existing UN, and existing UNSC as well as existing UNSCR1244 has an obvious advantage in the “reciprocity” strategy. If we arbitrarily assign an ordinate of 10 to this position, then reciprocally the KLA terrorists recognize they stand at 1/10, or 0.1.

    Only idiotic criminal KLA terrorists who lack basic logic and math skills, and who are delusional about their fake status, and position, would invoke a reciprocity strategy against an advantaged opponent.
    (Zhukov, 2 October 2021 14:22)

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  2. Serbia has always proposed status neutral license plates and has 300 000 stickers ready for use since 2017, shortly after the first agreement on license plates expired in 2016.

    It’s the criminal KLA terrorists who previously refused to accept “status neutral” symbolism.

    The criminal terrorists must obey their foreign masters in KFOR, reference the UN, UNSC, and UNSCR1244. Yes, the same UNSCR1244 that reaffirms KiM is an integral part if Serbian territory.

    For those of you even bothering to keep “score”. I’ll let you decide who was awarded points by “status neutral” symbolism and repetitive reference to the UN, UNSC, and UNSCR 1244.

    Perhaps there are delusional idiots like TL’O who think the criminal KLA terrorists are celebrating that their fake country, is not a real country, but simply a fenced-in ghetto whose political status is “neutral”.
    (Zhukov, 2 October 2021 13:50)

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  3. Temporary Reciprocity has been agreed upon, the details indicate both sides will follow the same rules, as opposed to the previous one sided conditions. A permanent solution, also including Reciprocity, must be achieved in 6 months. Both Albanians and Serbs are declaring victory.
    (Roland, 1 October 2021 05:38)

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  4. An endless farce which these politicians love to propagate.What else would the likes of Kurti,Osmani,et al have to do if this imaginary sovereignty of "Kosovo" didn't exist? They'd have to get a REAL job...now wouldn't that be painful!!!!!!!
    (Biding time., 1 October 2021 02:05)

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  5. That's it! Whoosh done, sticker!

    Another Serbian victory!

    What's the score now?
    (Tom L'Orizi, 30 September 2021 17:34)

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  6. So you agreed to having serbian symbols covered going as Serbs enter Kosovo?

    Yet you are trying so hard to beat on your chest as if you came out winning out of this?


    You're such a lying deceiving fake president.
    (Guest, 30 September 2021 16:29)

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  7. Man, what is this guy smoking? He wont accept fail acompli anymore, He said 2 days ago, now He does exactly that? Pathetic.
    (Sabo, 30 September 2021 15:05)

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