1. Just a friendly reminder that a fraction of the "refugee" (sic) population reaching European countries (Serbia included) originates in Subsaharan region affected by exotic, highly virulent and deadly contagious diseases such as ebola, Marburg fever, bird flu and dozens of others which neither the tiny and ill-equipped national health system of Serbia (starved of funding and technology and bereft of educated and experienced doctors and nurses, most of whom have merrily moved on to Germany and Norway in search of greener pa$ture$) nor the rest of the continental Europe can cope with.

    While the action on part of the Serbian authorities to forcibly remove these folks from their dangerous and unsanitary temporary shelter certainly wasn't the most politically correct or media-savvy, it most certainly WAS fully justified, as it sought to protect the vulnerable local population from introduction of the deadly alien incurable diseases into the Serbian human habitat. My only gripe is that this wasn't done much earlier and much more proactively.

    I am not sure what the complaint of various NGOs is. Do they seriously expect the nation that was recently dismembered, bombed, occupied and showered with radioactive agents, with the highest cancer rate in Europe (and hosting almost one million **GENUINE** war refugees which the UNHCR refuses to recognize) to place the well-being of illegal aliens before the well-being of its own people? Heee-lll-oooo???
    (DEDA CVETKO, 13 May 2017 03:20)

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