1. @Azir, go back to Kurdistan! Your real homeland with all the rest of the criminal Mustafas
    (shkipkurd, 30 April 2017 18:34)

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  2. Take no one side!

    Side with the facts:

    Fact 1:Not one identifiable "Serb victim" exist in "Yellow House" nonsense propaganda.

    Fact 2: Serbia created mass graves with hundreds of thousands non Serbs in Croatia,Bosnia and Kosova.

    Fact3: The Hague looked into to appease Serbs complaints but turn up no evidence of allegations....

    Former Yugoslavia is littered with Greater Serbia Campaign of Death and Destruction
    (Azir, 28 April 2017 01:30)

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  3. Just before you side with the Albanians for any political reasons, spare a thought for all the people dismembered in the "Yellow house". If there was a smidgen of justice this guy should have already been serving his long prison term.
    (nixonn, 27 April 2017 13:12)

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