Jeremić: Libya supports Serbia

SIRT -- Libya does not recognize the unilateral declaration of Kosovo independence and has no intention of doing so, says Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić.

During his meetings yesterday with Libya’s prime minister and foreign minister, African Union ministers, and Libya’s religious leader Muammar el-Qaddafi, Jeremić discussed Kosovo and bilateral relations.

“For us, Libya’s support is very important, given its position in the organizations that it’s a member of, above all the African Union, which it presides over, while it is also very influential in the Arab world,” Jeremić said.

He added that this support was of great importance, especially as, over the last few weeks, the pressure had been increasing on many countries to recognize Kosovo independence ahead of the start of legal proceedings in the The Hague on April 17.

“During the talks, we agreed that a mixed Libyan-Serbian committee for cooperation would be held in July in Belgrade, because there is great interest for joint projects in the fields of agriculture, construction and the pharmaceutical industry,” Jeremić said.

At a ceremonial dinner hosted by Qaddafi, the Serbian foreign minister also met with the presidents of Tanzania and Sri Lanka, who were also visiting Libya.

Jeremić said that those two countries would also be sticking to their position of non-recognition of Kosovo independence.