Merkel: Serbia "significantly closer" to opening chapters

Angela Merkel says Serbia is significantly closer to the opening first chapters in EU membership talks after the agreements reached in Kosovo dialogue.

Source: Tanjug

During a press conference after the end of a summit on the Western Balkans in Vienna on Thursday, the German chancellor also said she "could not talk about the exact date" when the chapters would be opened.

"Nevertheless, what was achieved in the dialogue constitutes fulfilment of the conditions we asked for, and you can count on our fairness and the fact that we will not impose new conditions once these conditions are met," Merkel said, according to Tanjug.

She stated that the results of the dialogue will now be analyzed, adding that "the ink on the agreements has not yet dried."

Merkel explained that she was in Kosovo in the summer "and was not sure that by now, Belgrade and Pristina would be where they are."

Conferences, such as today's summit, are good, according to Merkel - because matters are often resolved immediately ahead of them.

"We will analyze the agreement, but in any case is Serbia is significantly closer to opening the chapters than it was two months ago," said Merkel.

At the beginning of the conference she "particularly stressed the importance of the agreements reached in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina," Tanjug said.


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