PM to address "EU demarche" in news conference

BELGRADE -- Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić will hold a news conference on Friday "on the occasion of the demarche of the European Union."

(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

The news conference will be held at the government headquarters in Belgrade at noon, Vučić's cabinet announced on Thursday.

The demarche in question arrived in Belgrade on Thursday, Beta and Tanjug have been told by the government. But there has not yet been any confirmation in Brussels that the EU had sent a diplomatic protest to Belgrade.

It is also still unknown what it may contain, or concern.

It is expected that the prime minister will speak about EU's expectation that candidates for membership, among them Serbia, should not use Russia's counter-sanctions in order to take the place of EU food exporters.

The Beta news agency reported on Wednesday, quoting European Commission sources, that this was "made clear last Friday by EU foreign ministers, although, speaking from a purely international legal point of view, candidate countries cannot be asked to prevent their companies and food exporters who would like to meet the growing demand of their Russian partners."

According to the report, Commission officials "wanted to emphasize that this was more a question of morality and solidarity with the EU, " and noted that EU ministers said the goal of European sanctions against Russia was to "urgently achieve a political, sustainable solution" to the Ukrainian crisis.