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"Kosovo would introduce 'new values' into CoE, such as oppression, arrests and beatings"

Serb List announced that membership of the so-called Kosovo in the CoE would introduce "new values" into that organization, such as the oppression of the Serbian people, arrests and beatings without any basis, and seizure of land.

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"Kosovo would introduce 'new values' into CoE, such as oppression, arrests and beatings"
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"On the eve of the vote on Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe, Albin Kurti's regime is doing everything to prove itself and justify the support it receives, in this sense Srećko Sofronijević was arrested and, without any evidence, he was ordered to be detained, they, detained him and not those who almost killed him back bin 2021, and after that Kurti's phalanxes brutally beat Vladan Stevanović in the village of Bube, in the municipality of Zubin Potok," the announcement states.

It is added that these are the best and freshest examples of how the rights and freedoms of the Serbian people are respected and that they also best illustrate how much international representatives "care" about the position of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija.

"That's why, unfortunately, our appeals to international representatives and organizations responsible for peace and security in Kosovo and Metohija remain unanswered. By his actions, Albin Kurti accustomed them to the fact that it is normal to oppress Serbs, and they accustomed him to silence and approval. That's why Serbian the people look at some international representatives as accomplices in persecution and endangering basic human rights," Srpska lista said.

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