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It's official: Serbia receives "Rafale"! Vučić from Paris revealed when the contract will be signed

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that he expects the contract for Rafale fighter jets to be signed in the next two months with the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron.


It's official: Serbia receives "Rafale"! Vučić from Paris revealed when the contract will be signed


Vučić said that last night he had a very good conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, which lasted more than three hours, and that they reached concrete agreements regarding the purchase of Rafale fighter jets, contracts for which will be signed in the next two months.

"I am very happy about the results of those talks, happy because we were able to discuss in an open and concrete way all types of cooperation with one of the most important countries in the world. And I think we reached some concrete agreements regarding the purchase of "Rafale", where I expect the signing of the contract in the next two months and with the presence of the President of France, which is extremely important for our country on many levels," said Vučić after the France-Serbia Business Council, where he met with representatives of the French business association Movement of French Entrepreneurs - MEDEF International .

"At the moment we cannot get such machines, and that is extremely important for us," said Vučić.

As for flying taxis, he said that he is negotiating with three French companies and that he will try to finish it by 2027.

"We will try to solve the issue of waste, water supply to water purifiers and management of that system. There are many other things that French companies are interested in," he added.

Fashion company Louis Vuitton is coming to Serbia

He also announced the arrival of the Louis Vuitton fashion company in Belgrade in 2026.

"We hope that Louis Vuitton will finally come to Serbia in Belgrade Waterfront in 2026. We fought so hard for it," said Vučić.

He estimated that it will be extremely important for Serbia when it comes to the economy, as well as tourism.


"So I believe that we will have Louis Vuitton in two years in our capital. And that it will be another injection. After everything we are doing, and directly before the Expo, which will mean a lot for our country even on that symbolic level", Vucic said.

About the arrival of new investors

He said that he also talked with Macron about the arrival of new investors.

"We have to work a lot on waste, on turning waste into the most ordinary and dirty landfills, but on how to use it to create energy, also how to solve the issue of water supply, water quality, water purity of great importance, which is something for which they are interested, for water purifiers for Belgrade, to manage that system, which, obviously, we didn't know how to manage in previous years, but also to many other things that French companies are interested in," said Vučić.

He pointed out that for us this connection is very important for the development of artificial intelligence.

"Because we have an institute for AI, but it is still quite general here, not counting exceptions, and we have to connect people who work and know everything about artificial intelligence with the economy, so that we can use it in the best way, as the French do so, through the companies such as Thales and Airbus and many other companies. So, they are also ready to train us and bring our people to their laboratories, to take their experience and go into the future. The energy sector is tremendously important and nuclear reactors, but that's all talk on a long stick," said Vučić.

He said that we have to work on the development of nuclear power so that we can provide a safe future for our children.


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