Greek minister warns of neo-Nazi political threat

ATHENS -- Greek Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos Friday warned that neo-Nazi group Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) could enter parliament after May elections.

The Greek parliament
The Greek parliament

He stressed that the main reason was voters' “anger” over the debt-stricken country's economic and social hardships, AFP has reported.

"Do we want to see pictures of a parliament with deputies being sworn in with the Hitler salute. . . . If we don't wake up early enough . . . there will be major damage," Geroulanos told a Greek radio.

According to polls, Chryssi Avghi is projected by some polls to pass the three per cent hurdle for entry into parliament, AFP says.

The neo-Nazi group is known for its open xenophobic and anti-Semitic stands. It is assumed that its members are behind attacks on migrants and Greeks of foreign appearance.