Border with Kosovo just days away, warns DSS leader

BELGRADE -- Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader Vojislav Koštunica has warned that setting up of a border with Kosovo is “just days away“.

Vojislav Koštunica (Tanjug)
Vojislav Koštunica (Tanjug)

“It is very important in this moment, when it comes to something that is only days away and that is the establishment of a border between central Serbia and Kosovo, to say loud and clear and stand up to it any cost,” he said on Saturday.

“Because one border leads to another, one blackmail leads to other blackmails,” Koštunica told reporters in downtown Belgrade.

After he signed a DSS proclamation dubbed “Serbia is threatened”, the DSS leader stressed that the main danger to the state was the establishment of borders inside Serbia, i.e. between central Serbia and Kosovo which is expected in early December.

“This opens a question of a great responsibility that the current government is facing. It especially raises a question of responsibility of the Constitutional Court of Serbia, to whom the DSS submitted a proposal for the assessment of constitutionality of several regulations adopted based on the agreement between Belgrade and Priština under Brussels’’s auspices and supervision,“ Koštunica stressed.

He added that the agreements were unconstitutional and noted that nobody could hide the “point that we are facing the setting up of borders between central Serbia and Kosovo”.

“Serbia is in jeopardy, just to remind you, because of blackmails that keep coming from Brussels and conditions that Brussels keeps repeating to Serbia and not a single other state. It is also in jeopardy because of one more in a series of shameful verdicts of the Hague Tribunal and attacks on our territorial integrity, not only when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija,” the DSS leader stressed.

According to him, “everybody who claims that Serbia’s salvation is in the fact that so-called status neutral EULEX at that border, but EULEX is in fact extremely status biased and it creates the independent and unconstitutional state of Kosovo”.

He said that the main reason Serbia was in jeopardy was “rushing into the EU integration” and putting EU interests above Serbia’s interests.

Koštunica explained that the DSS’ proclamation requested from the government to give up on the EU accession process and declare Serbia’s political neutrality. The proclamation was signed by more that 200 prominent public figures.

The party organized the signing in downtown Belgrade and announced that citizens in towns across Serbia would soon be able to sign the proclamation.