EU, territorial integrity Serbia's goals—president

BELGRADE -- Serbia's territorial integrity and its EU ambition are two inseparable goals in 2008, Boris Tadić says.

Tadić with citizens in Belgrade this morning (FoNet)
Tadić with citizens in Belgrade this morning (FoNet)

The president met with citizens in downtown Belgrade on the first morning of the new year and told reporters that an EU candidate status for Serbia would mean "a better life candidate status for our citizens."

"The aim of every politician must be to fight for those who are in the worst position," he stressed, adding there were "too many Serbians" who found it hard to make ends meet.

"A precondition for that is for this country to be stable and peaceful, prosperous, and to continue developing, instead of being an isolationist environment that would separate from the rest of the world and remain on its own," Tadić, who is in a campaign running for his second term in office, told journalists on a chilly Belgrade morning.

The traditional January 1 event in the capital's streets, dubbed Open-Hearted Street, is this year aimed at gathering funds to support organizations fighting sexual abuse of children.

For his part, the president promised he would work to introduce stricter legislation against those who physically and sexually abuse children.