Belgrade reaction to Haradinaj acquittal "concerning"

THE HAGUE -- The Hague has expressed its “concern” at the “deceptive comments” of certain Belgrade officials following Ramush Haradinaj’s acquittal.

Court representative Nerma Jelačić said that the claims of certain Serbian officials that a number of prosecution witnesses in the Tribunal’s witness protection program had been murdered, were “untrue”.

“Such irresponsible statements serve no purpose other than to politicize the Tribunal’s work,” that attaches great significance to the safety and welfare of witnesses, she stressed.

In response to calls from officials in Belgrade to reconsider the Tribunal’s very existence, Jelačić said that 15 years after its creation—the legitimacy of which was confirmed by a Security Council resolution—“it’s a bit ridiculous to call its existence into question.”

“The Tribunal is not a political body. The verdicts of the court are delivered on the basis of the evidence brought forward before it,” she explained.