Patriarch sends condolences after terror attacks

Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Patriarch Irinej has sent his condolences to the families of the victims of terrorist attacks in Volgograd and Pyatigorsk.

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  1. Besides the insults and racebaiting, the saddest thing about the troll comments is that no matter what happens in the world, Rocky and the truth try to make it about themselves, and they absolutely refuse to move on. Now the Pope in Rome also send condolences when things like this happens because the victims and their families need the support and prayers of the world. Imagine if everyone who had some grievence with catholicism vetoed the pope. How idiotic would that be? But not to truth and Rocky and cheerleader mendo. No heavens no, why not make it all about them as if they are representatives of their entire people with some right to pass judgment on another entire people. You are pathetic losers and the only thing you like to do is tear things down because you have built and produced nothing. Sadly you aren't even good for tearing things down.
    (marKo, 4 January 2014 16:41)

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  2. @The truth & Rocky,

    Spot on, you can see you touched a nerv there with Serbs knowing the truth but hide it. Don't expect any appology from priests who blessed tanks before going on a killing spree.
    (Mendo, 3 January 2014 15:02)

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  3. Rocky and where are the condoleances from croats, albanians and muslims that slaughtered unarmed serb civilians?
    (Daniel, 3 January 2014 02:10)

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  4. To shade " padre", have you ever send condolences to your neighbors, when your own killers were being blessed by you and sent to kill innocent people???
    (the truth, 2 January 2014 17:22)
    Maybe when your muftis send condolences to us for our innocents who were guttered by your bloodthirsty savages you might have the right to bring this up.
    As for you rocky, just shut up you troll. Do you ever have anything inteligent to say or are you just happy trolling?
    (Peggy, 2 January 2014 23:10)

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  5. Rocky's talking sh...I mean hogwash again. Stop it man change the record, no-one believes you except yourself. Don't lie to yourself redemption awaits those who repent.
    (DJ, 2 January 2014 22:52)

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  6. Actually the TRUTH and you well know it is that any such blessings were given to those magnificent Serbian heroes and warriors who so graciously risked or laid down their lives in the defence of their own people who were being threatened with genocide. It was WW2 all over again only problem was these brave men and women weren't going to let you get away with it again. Serbia has the moral high ground,as it has always inhabited that ground,and opportunistic mud-slingers like you are an irritation that it looks like we have to put up with on this SERBIAN forum.
    (Istina, 2 January 2014 22:41)

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  7. Sending condolences again hmmmm? Where are the condolence's you owe your neighbor's, you remember the innocent victims of Kosova. Croatia, & Bosnia, the many young children that were amongst them, your Serbia surrounded these mostly unarmed civilian villages, and then massacred them like sheep! On many occasions, with your predecessors blessings! Oh when the lord lay down his wrath on Serbia, she will suffer 10 fold the pain she caused on so many innocent!!!
    (rocky, 2 January 2014 21:28)

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  8. albo troll terrorists don't qualify as human. .
    (ron burgundy, 2 January 2014 19:44)

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  9. To shade " padre", have you ever send condolences to your neighbors, when your own killers were being blessed by you and sent to kill innocent people???
    (the truth, 2 January 2014 17:22)

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