PM wishes to see "more children, shift in values"

PM Ivica Dačić has addressed the January 1 humanitarian event in Belgrade's Svetogorska St., which is this year dedicated to well-being of the elderly.

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  1. Serbia's PM Dacic wants to know why so few Serbian children?

    It is scientificly proven that not even fellow Serb women want to have children with Serb men.
    (azir, 8 January 2014 02:09)

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  2. "Falling populations are a consequence of failing economies. Populations are in decline across the EU because raising children is expensive and people cannot meet there basic living needs from their wages. "
    (Michael Thomas, 3 January 2014 10:40)

    Sure! Like the economy is so strong and powerful in Africa and a lot of countries in Asia and South America, and people have so much money which is more than enough for their basic living standards, population is growing there, right? In total contrast to the EU, where the people cannot pay their living from their wages.

    P.S: Kosovo must be a booming economy - the population there is growing like in Africa :)
    (Comm. Parrisson, 3 January 2014 18:57)

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  3. Falling populations are a consequence of failing economies. Populations are in decline across the EU because raising children is expensive and people cannot meet there basic living needs from their wages. In the UK the “unofficial” policy to deal with population decline is mass immigration.

    Serbia’s “minority” problem is insignificant compared to that now facing Britain, France, Sweden, etc. The Moslems of Raska are Serbs who have adopted another religion. The Roma are immigrants who settled centuries ago; they speak Serbian and have never threatened Serbia. The Hungarians are fewer than 3% of the population and have caused no problems since WW2. The situation in NATO-occupied Kosovo is different and Serbia will have wait a few years for NATO to disappear before it deals with it.

    Population decline should be addressed by boosting employment and generating an economic revival. This can only be done by nationalising the banks and allowing the National Bank of Serbia to create Dinars to finance recovery. These state-created Dinars would be no more inflationary than private bank-created Dinars. Both organisations would create Dinars “out of thin air,” the only difference being that state-created money is interest-free, bank-created money comes with a burden of interest. In the UK some High Street money-lenders are demanding 6000% interest!
    (Michael Thomas, 3 January 2014 10:40)

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  4. In my opinion Serbia's population doesn't need to exceed to a billion like China's and India's population has.
    (resident of Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada, 2 January 2014 23:26)

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  5. Have more children...what he really means is for every serbian to get f****d!
    (Yellow Doorman, 2 January 2014 13:32)

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  6. 'Our goal must be as many children as possible...'

    Oh, even more than the three children per couple Mullah Erdogan 'recommended' for a good Turk?

    'He said that the citizens "need a shift in the value system"'

    I totally agree! A first step would be shift away from the stupid nationalist rhetorics Belgrade politicians (and a lot of the population) likes so much.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 2 January 2014 09:36)

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  7. Serbia does not need more children, this state needs to be eliminated.
    (nino, 2 January 2014 05:10)

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  8. This guy is too much. He was instrumental in ruining the old Serbia, so now he is calling on the help of the citizens in creating a better one. As for Serbia vanishing in 2-3 centuries, I think he is being over optimistic, more like 100 years. At the rate that people are leaving the country, and integrating elsewhere, it will be a lot quicker than his prediction. The man that had a large part in Serbia's destruction, now calls for Serbs to have more babies - by the way, who can afford a baby where the average monthly salary is approx. 300 euros?
    (Winston, 2 January 2014 01:37)

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