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Orbán was severely punished

The highest court of the European Union has ruled that Hungary must pay a fine of 200 million euros for non-compliance with migration and asylum policy, Deutsche Welle reports.

Izvor: Deutsche Welle

Orbán was severely punished


The country of Viktor Orbán, the biggest advocate of anti-migration policy in the EU, also has to pay a million euros a day until it meets those conditions, for which it is also fined.

Namely, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled today that Hungary must pay a lump sum of 200 million euros and a fine of 1 million euros per day of delay for not implementing the measures required of it in relation to migration and asylum policy.

Judges in Strasbourg said in December 2020 that Hungary had failed to comply with EU law on the treatment of migrants and ordered it to implement changes.

The court said that the non-implementation of its ruling is "unprecedented and an extremely serious violation of EU law".

Moreover, it was ruled that "Hungary has not taken the necessary measures to comply with the 2020 judgment regarding access to the international protection procedure".

The verdict also states that Budapest did not respect the right of applicants seeking protection to stay in Hungary until the final decision on appeals against rejections and that it "deported third-country nationals illegally staying in Hungary".


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