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China warns: "Restrain yourself"

China's Ministry of Defense warned the Netherlands today to refrain from naval and air operations in the East China Sea.

Izvor: Tanjug

China warns: "Restrain yourself"


The warning came after the Dutch Ministry of Defense announced that fighter jets of the Chinese military had flown over a Dutch frigate in the East China Sea and, it said, "caused a potentially unsafe situation".

"We deeply regret the words and actions of the Netherlands," Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Zhang Xiaogang said, as reported by Reuters.

Zhang assessed as a "false claim" the announcement of the Dutch Ministry of Defense that the frigate "HNLMS Tromp" was on patrol implementing United Nations sanctions against North Korea.

Zhang pointed out that the Dutch frigate created tensions between the two countries by sailing in waters claimed by China, and that "the Chinese side will resolutely oppose provocations." On Friday, Chinese fighter jets flew over a Dutch frigate, and the Dutch Ministry claims that the incident happened in international waters, according to Reuters.


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