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Putin ordered: Retribution, no one can avoid it

All the instigators, sponsors and organizers of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall near Moscow must be identified and punished, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Izvor: Sputnik

Putin ordered: Retribution, no one can avoid it


Vladimir Putin addressed the participants of the 12th international meeting of high representatives for security issues in St. Petersburg via video message.

"Special services and security authorities continue to uncover and study all the details of this vile crime. They identify the instigators, sponsors and organizers. None of them must avoid just retribution," the head of state pointed out, talking about what happened in "Crocus".  

He noted that the methods of terrorists are becoming more sophisticated and barbaric.

"Criminals' methods are becoming more and more sophisticated and barbaric. This was once again demonstrated by the bloody terrorist attack that took place on March 22 in Podmoskovlje," Putin emphasized.

According to his words, Moscow is ready to cooperate on strengthening global security with all interested parties and the formation of a multipolar world order that corresponds to the interests of most countries.

Russian president emphasized that terrorism remains one of the most serious threats of the 21st century, and the goals of terrorist attacks, which are not only supported by extremist groups, but also by the intelligence services of some countries, are the undermining of constitutional foundations and the destabilization of sovereign states, inciting inter-national and inter-religious hatred.

Preservation and protection of traditional spiritual and moral values are the most important condition for strengthening the sovereignty and security of states, Putin said.

He also stated that the world community should create unique, legally binding norms and principles of states' behavior in the information sphere. According to him, the protection of the information sphere is a topic that is current for all countries and is extremely important for national security, social stability and economic development.

In the terrorist attack on concertgoers on March 22 in Crocus City Hall, 144 people were killed, including six children, and 551 people were injured.

The four terrorists, who committed the bloody feast in just 18 minutes, were intercepted in the Bryansk region, less than 100 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border, while they were trying to escape to Ukraine in a white Renault.

It follows from their statements that the attack was carried out for money, but for now it is not known with certainty what their motives were for the attack and who are the perpetrators of one of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in the history of Russia.

The Moscow court remanded them in custody until May 22. They were accused of terrorism and pleaded guilty, and face life imprisonment for that crime.


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