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"The whole world is waiting for their reaction"; A great war begins?

In the night between April 13 and 14, the armed forces of Iran carried out a massive air attack on Israel, in which hundreds of stray munitions, cruise and ballistic missiles were used.


"The whole world is waiting for their reaction"; A great war begins?


Iran was also supported by certain militant groups in the region, primarily from Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, who also used drones, multi-barreled launchers and other artillery means to attack Israeli territory.

Moscow: Washington initiates conflict

Washington continues to initiate new military conflicts, trying to postpone the bankruptcy that will surely happen, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wrote in a telegram.

Volodin added that the cost of maintaining Washington has become the most problematic item of expenditure, because the amount of interest in the near future could amount to a third of the income of the US budget.

The incredible growth of the US national debt, according to politicians, means that Washington has no plans to pay it back.

As he pointed out, the United States is used to solving its problems at the expense of others.

Therefore, "in order to maintain hegemony, they started a war in Ukraine, sacrificing the economy of the European Union".

However, according to politicians, it was not enough. Therefore, Volodin believes, Washington is again provoking a military conflict, now in the Middle East.

The IDF continues shelling Gaza

"Death to America", was heard at a protest in New York

"The whole world is waiting for their reaction"

The US House of Representatives will vote separately next week on aid to Ukraine and Israel, Republican Mike Johnson announced Monday, more than two months after the Senate rejected a measure that included both states.

On Monday night, after a meeting with Republican representatives in the House of Representatives, Johnson said the divided body would then also consider aid to Taiwan and US allies in East Asia.

"We know the world is waiting for our reaction," Johnson said.

"They are looking to see if America will stand behind its allies, in our interests around the world. And we will."

US aid to those countries has not yet passed because Johnson did not want to consider a $95 billion measure passed by the upper house in February. It includes $14 billion in aid to Israel and $60 billion to Ukraine.

Johnson emphasized that the new measures in the House of Representatives provide approximately the same amount of foreign aid.


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