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We are witnessing history - Djokovic breaks another Federer record under the radar

Novak Djokovic himself was impressed by the magnificent turnaround in the duel with Lorenzo Musetti.


Autor: Milan Tomić

Milan Tomić
Milan Tomić
Tanjug/AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias

We can talk incessantly about what the Serbian tennis player has achieved in his career, what he won, which records he broke, but the motivation he has at the Grand Slam to enchant tennis fans again and again is incredible.

Djokovic struggled before this Roland Garros - he was simply unconvincing in Monte Carlo, Rome and Geneva, but in Paris he shows what he is made of. He is at his best when he is written off, and that was the case in the duel with Musetti, whom he defeated after five sets, at 3.07 after midnight.

In front of the most persistent fans at "Chatrier", he said that this is one of the biggest victories here, while in front of the journalists, visibly tired, he uttered an even stronger sentence.

"We are witnessing history," Novak said, despite the fact that it was a third-round match, a stage he played "countless" times during his career.


How many records did Djokovic break during his career? The most important ones are the number of Grand Slams and Masters, but also the number of weeks spent at the top of the ATP list.

One went somewhat under the radar. We are talking about the total number of victories in the biggest tournaments of the "white sport". The one over Musetti was the 369th of his career. That figure is a record and until Sunday morning it was held by the Swiss Roger Federer.

Therefore, if he defeats Francisco Cerundolo (Monday, 4:00 p.m.), Novak will become undisputed in this parameter as well - and the best.

The curiosity is that he could achieve this precisely in Paris, where he actually recorded the most victories so far if we count only one tournament (95-16).


It is also interesting that he recorded the most victories at the Grand Slam where he won the fewest titles (3) compared to the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

He achieved his greatest success in Melbourne (10) and there he has a score of 94-9. He was somewhat weaker at Wimbledon, where he lifted the trophy seven times with a performance of 92-11, while in New York he won four times with a score of 89-13.

From these statistics, we can see that Djokovic achieved the most victories in Paris, but also the most failures, even though he continuously reached the final stage of the tournament in every performance.

Before the quarterfinals, he was eliminated only in his first participation in the Boulogne Forest in 2005, as well as four years later, when he was stopped in the third round by Philipp Kohlschreiber.

Djokovic played in the final of the Musketeer Cup four times, on three occasions (2012, 2014, 2020) Rafael Nadal was better, while in 2015 Stan Wawrinka defeated him.


He reached the semi-finals five times. He was stopped twice by Rafael Nadal (2007, 2008), and once by Roger Federer (2011) and Dominic Thiem (2019).

While Djokovic's performance at the Grand Slams when it comes to the number of wins is more or less uniform, Federer's is not. Roger, once the undisputed ruler of tennis, achieved the most triumphs at Wimbledon, where he holds the record with eight trophies (105-14), and Australia, where he won six times (102-15). At the US Open, which he won five times, he has a performance of 89-14, while his "weakest point" was precisely Roland Garros, where he triumphed only once (2009), with, by his standards, a modest performance of 73-17.

By the way, behind Djokovic and Federer, there are Rafael Nadal (314), Jimmy Connors (233) and Andre Agassi (224) in the number of Grand Slam victories.


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