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A new cyclone is coming to Serbia

Marko Čubrilo, an amateur meteorologist, announces in the latest weather forecast that the influence of a new cyclone will begin tomorrow, which will cause very unstable weather until Friday.

Izvor: Blic

A new cyclone is coming to Serbia


Strong instabilities and thunderstorms are expected from tomorrow, and from Wednesday it will also freshen up.

"Today, during the afternoon and evening in the Košava part of the region, the southeast wind will increase. The daily maximum will be from 18 to 27 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday, as part of the cyclone, warm, but moist and very unstable air will flow towards us. As a result, from the middle of the day on Tuesday over the northern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, western and part of central Croatia, southwest, west and part of southern Serbia there is a signal for the initiation of very strong thunderstorm instability whose direction of movement will be southwest-northeast," says Marko Čubrilo in his latest weather forecast.

Strong reaction of the atmosphere in the region

Čubrilo expects that instabilities will quickly strengthen during the afternoon over parts of eastern Croatia, northern and northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, western, central Serbia and the greater part of Vojvodina, and later in the evening over other parts of Serbia with frequent and strong thunderstorms, there may be strong, local, inclement weather that will bring over 25 mm of precipitation in a short time with hail, very strong wind and strong rainfall.

"Currently, a large number of instability parameters are very high, we will have a very high temperature that will locally reach around 33 degrees Celsius, quite strong shear in the atmosphere, due to the crossing of the front there will also be strong convergence, so there can be a very strong reaction of the atmosphere. We should prepare for locally very strong showers," says Čubrilo.

According to him, on Tuesday it could be:

  • strong thunder showers
  • local disasters with hail
  • very heavy rain in a short time
  • very strong wind
  • strong radiation

"There is no need to panic, but you should be prepared for potentially strong instabilities. As they will be spatially limited, there will be big differences in their intensity in a very small area," says Čubrilo.


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