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After adoption of shameful resolution on Srebrenica: "Apologies to Serbia, the shadow of betrayal falls on us"

"Serbian House" in Podgorica, the umbrella institution of Serbian science, culture, art and information, apologized to the citizens and leaders of Serbia and Republika Srpska for "the treacherous decision of Montenegro" to vote for resolution on Srebrenica.

Izvor: Tanjug

After adoption of shameful resolution on Srebrenica: "Apologies to Serbia, the shadow of betrayal falls on us"


"We deeply apologize that the shadow of betrayal, through no fault of ours, falls on our faces, but also with a sense of extreme pride we share the common joy of the Serbian people that, despite unprecedented pressures and blackmail, Serbia and Republika Srpska achieved a magnificent moral victory today at the UN", it was announced last night from "Srpska kuća".

From "Srpska kuća" they point out that they are also proud of the unity with which the Serbian people, despite external powerful and internal mercenaries, have shown that there is no such force, threats and blackmail that can bring them to their knees, reports Srna.

"The outcome of the vote unequivocally proved that we are not alone as a nation and that we have numerous and powerful friends all over the world, and that the plans of the historical enemies of the Serbian people and their communities have once again been defeated," the announcement states.

From "Serbian House" they add that the adopted resolution will further complicate relations in the region in the long term, but that they will be ready to defend the honor and freedom of the Serbian people by all means, wherever they are.

"On behalf of those from Montenegro 'who resent slavery', we express our great gratitude for the many months of enormous efforts that you, individually and collectively, have invested so that the expectations of the proponents, helpers and supporters are not realized to the extent they expected", they state from "Serbian house" says.

In the announcement, it is estimated that the majestic image of the tricolor, which was spread by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, in the middle of the UN General Assembly hall, "will remain forever among the icons of this century of the entire Serbian people".

84 countries voted in favor of the resolution on Srebrenica in the UN General Assembly, 19 countries were against, and 68 of them abstained.


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