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Snow in Croatia; Trees fall; Serbia's next

The weather change has reached Croatia. A strong wind started blowing from early morning in Zagreb, and the first consequences of worsening weather are already visible.


Snow in Croatia; Trees fall; Serbia's next


The snow cover surprised the residents of Zagorje, where it was almost 30 degrees yesterday.

Moreover, large snowfalls fell in the mountainous parts of Slovenia, where the hail occured, and snow is also falling on Rogla.

In Žitnjak, Zagreb municipality, a tree fell on a parked car, writes, and the Zagreb firefighters reveal that by noon they had already removed two trees.

The State Hydrometeorological Institute issued an earlier warning that the temperature will drop and the weather will change.

The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia has announced on its website that weather change is coming to Serbia today.

According to reports, windy weather will develop during the day with a moderate and strong south-west wind and further increase in cloudiness, in the second part of the day there will be rain and local showers with thunder.

In the afternoon, the wind will turn to a moderate and strong northwesterly, first in Vojvodina, and in the evening in central Serbia.

In the zone of the front, the wind will sometimes reach storm force gusts.

Daily temperature will range from 21 degrees in the northwest of Vojvodina to 30 degrees in the east and southeast of Serbia.

In the evening and at night, the temperature will drop significantly in all areas, while a more drastic drop is expected tomorrow, April 17.

Cloudy and significantly colder weather is predicted, with rain and local showers in places, which will be accompanied by thunder and local heavy rainfall in the south and southeast of Serbia.

In the mountains of southwestern and southern Serbia, rain is expected to turn into snow.


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