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Vučić received blessing of Patriarch Porfirije prior to trip to New York: "I'm going to fight wholeheartedly"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, visited the Church of St. Sava this morning before his trip to New York, where he will fight against the adoption of the Resolution on Srebrenica.

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Vučić received blessing of Patriarch Porfirije prior to trip to New York: "I'm going to fight wholeheartedly"


The prayer was offered by Patriarch Porfirije, who blessed the president, wished him luck and that he has enough strength for the difficult days ahead.

President of Serbia said that he is going to New York to fight "with all his strength and heart" for the future of our country.

"Before the trip to New York, I asked for a blessing from the Patriarch of Serbia, Mr. Porfirije, and prayed to God in our sanctuary - the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade. I am going to New York to fight with all my strength and heart for the future of our country," the president said in an Instagram post on to the "future of Serbia" profile.

"Those who are against us are strong, but Serbia is our greatest sanctuary. There are many lies, but the truth is one and eternal. Our tricolor will fly proudly in New York, and under its aegis, everyone will find new energy in advocating for a more just world libertarian countries, all nations that fight for dignity and justice, which has been undermined and humiliated for a long time. Long live Serbia!", he added.

The service was also attended by the President of the Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik, the Prime Minister of Serbia Miloš Vučević, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Marko Djurić and the Minister without Portfolio Nenad Popović.

Also, representatives of Serbs from the region were in the Temple.

As a reminder, Vučić said on Sunday, before leaving for New York, that on Thursday we will see who is Serbia's friend.

"On Thursday, we will all fight together. I know the size of the force that threatens us and how big and strong they are, and we will do our best and oppose them stronger than they thought. The people from Serbia also participate in this, they help. These are the platforms for the overthrow of Serbia. I am proud when I am on their front pages. I do not interfere in the internal affairs of Montenegro. It is a perfidious trick," Vucic said.

"You did not come to an agreement with Serbia regarding the amendments related to the resolution. Someone did that, so that they could wash their own conscience as to why they would vote for the resolution. So, Serbia did not recognize independence, nor did Pljevlja, nor Herceg Novi, nothing in Montenegro, some 13 percent of the territory of Montenegro. Serbia did not pass a resolution on how Montenegro participated in the aggression, but Montenegro participates in the adoption of a resolution in which Serbs participated," he added.


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