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Vučić from New York, the main topic is the resolution on Srebrenica: Growing pressure

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public from New York. He emphasized that it is his duty to defend the integrity of the Serbian people.

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Vučić from New York, the main topic is the resolution on Srebrenica: Growing pressure


"I had a conversation with three presidents, one prime minister of African countries, by phone. We had two big meetings here, I am proud of the large presence of people from Africa, from 25 African countries, which is about 48 percent of African countries," said Vučić, adding:

"Then we had a meeting with Latin American and Caribbean countries. It is wrongly called a briefing, but it is a conversation with friends".

"For the first time, I can speak in this way, because we have almost no chance, as the pressure increases. Those who said they will be against, it appears they will abstain".

Vučić said that they tried to explain our position.

"I tried to explain that although Serbia is a small country, we know that we have no chance, and the pressure is increasing here on the countries that were against it. There will be a fight until the last day," he said.

As he said, those who submit the resolution, the biggest powers in the world, and who exert pressure, will have a serious opponent in a small country that dared to defend itself.

"Don't make a collective judgment, because that is exactly what you are doing. It will not contribute to the consolidation of peace, but to additional divisions".

We are fighting for Kosovo and Metohija in impossible conditions

Vučić stated that, although for the Western world the issue of Kosovo and Metohija was resolved in 2008, 16 years later, in impossible conditions, we are still fighting and trying to do something.

He told journalists in New York that the verdicts regarding Srebrenica and Kosovo and Metohija were passed much earlier, that Serbia is fighting, but also that he does not understand some in Serbia who say that we are fighting "someone else's lost battles", and not trying to preserve the image and pride of our people.

"Some people don't understand anything, but we are totally committed, so committed that even you present here can see it. You saw yesterday what kind of setup they made. It's shocking what they did, so they had to lie for those women. Really you feel sorry when you see women raped and you have nothing to say about it. You are put in a terrible position, but no one ever told you that it is possible to bring victims of any conflict. We could fill that whole hall with victims of Albanian terror," he said.

He added that the Albanians were extremely happy because they managed to bring them in, which is why there was a delay at the beginning.

"I was wondering who the people were who were entering, so the protocol did not let them go immediately, and then we realized that they had arranged it with the Americans and the Slovenians and the Swiss and everyone else. It is not known who was more disgusting, the Slovenians or I don't know who is the other one who spoke yesterday. But we also endured that and showed how a small country can fight for its integrity against the strongest countries. Because justice and truth are on our side in that matter as well," said Vučić.

He added that the Serbian ambassador to the USA will remain in New York until May 2, and that he will most likely return to the country for a few days.

The head of UNMIK knew that the victims were not members of Vjosa's cabinet

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said today that the women who spoke about the alleged rapes in Kosovo and Metohija were not members of Vjosa Osmani's cabinet, and that he is sure that the head of UNMIK, Caroline Zijadeh, knew this as well.

"Formally and officially, you have the names of the entire cabinet, none of those ladies' names are on the list of members of her cabinet. They had a good time and got drunk after that," said Vučić in a statement to reporters in New York, where he attended the UN Security Council session on Kosovo.

When asked by a journalist to comment on the fact that many people in Serbia welcomed the fact that the president of Malta repeatedly interrupted him even though it was not in Serbia's favor, Vučić said that you always have a part of people in Serbia who will cheer against their country.

"Because they don't see the forest from the trees. Because of their personal hatred towards me, because they are not in power, they hate our whole country, but I tell them that. And because I don't talk about any internal political matters for days, I am so dedicated and concentrated to what is vitally important for our country, so I can't deal with nonsense right now," he said.


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