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Vučić from New York: We will request the withdrawal of the resolution on Srebrenica PHOTO/VIDEOO

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić spoke after the session of the UN Security Council at a reception organized by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the United Nations for permanent representatives of UN member states.

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Vučić from New York: We will request the withdrawal of the resolution on Srebrenica PHOTO/VIDEOO


"Serbia is on the European path and in recent years we have achieved good results and thanks to your votes we won the Expo and I invite you to visit us," said Vučić at the beginning of his address to journalists.

"You know that Serbia is committed to the resolutions and the UN, we believe that the UN should have a bigger role, that is the only way to restore peace in the world. We have always been honest and direct on this issue. We will continue the dialogue with Pristina and we hope that European Union will do something in order to implement the Brussels Agreement, and the most important prerequisite was the formation of the CSM, and we hope that this will be a prerequisite for Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe," said Vučić.

On Srebrenica

"First of all, I want to point out that there was no discussion and no agreement on the resolution on Srebrenica, but it was a decision that deeply divided the ethnic minorities in this region, this represents the work of one part against another part of the population. Bosnia is still a very sensitive area after the conflict, where international forces are still present due to ethnic tensions and internal problems, the submission of this resolution was made regardless of the opposition of the Serbs and in complete disregard of the institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if they really want to contribute to peace building, must respect the laws of the countries that submit it. The resolution on genocide from Rwanda from 2003 was adopted at the proposal of the African Union, which tells us that it was adopted after regional consultations before it was adopted. The UN deals with the situation in Bosnia and that this may be a violation, some kind of interference in the affairs of the Security Council. I also wanted to say that as the Republic of Serbia, we consistently condemn the crimes in Srebrenica. I visited Srebrenica and paid tribute to the victims. The 2010 declaration condemned the crime, Serbia demonstrated its commitment to the principles of international law by fulfilling its obligations to international institutions of justice. It will not lead to peace and will not heal the wounds of the past, it will deepen the wounds of the past and lead to new theses in the Western Balkans. For this reason, we request that this resolution be withdrawn as presented. If this is not the case, we invite the members to vote against the resolution. And we are for every type of dialogue and process. No one in Serbia or Bosnia was informed about this. All this was done in secret, but we need inclusiveness and more understanding between us," said Vučić.

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