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Today, new consultations between the government and the opposition on election conditions

The parliamentary parties of the ruling majority and the opposition will hold the fourth meeting today at 9:00 a.m. in the National Assembly on the election conditions and ODIHR recommendations.

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Today, new consultations between the government and the opposition on election conditions
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President of the Assembly, Ana Brnabić, invited all parliamentary groups, representatives of civil society organizations and international partners to the meeting, in order to "discuss further work on fulfilling the recommendations in order to improve the electoral process in Serbia".

At the last consultation, held on April 11, the US Ambassador Christopher Hill and the head of the EU Delegation Emanuele Giaufret were also present, while the Ecological Uprising movement, which is part of the "Serbia Against Violence" coalition, and the NADA coalition refused to attend that meeting.

After last week's meeting, Brnabić invited the participants of the dialogue to submit proposals on how to continue the implementation of the recommendations, stating that she will accept all proposals, which the opposition and non-governmental organizations have submitted.

The opposition, among other things, demanded that the law be amended so that citizens who have changed their place of residence cannot vote at the new, but old, polling station for 12 months, then the formation of a working body that will monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the ODIHR, the commission that will audit the polling stations' lists, as well as the suspension of electoral actions for the Belgrade elections, because the legal framework for their implementation has not yet been agreed upon.

President of the Assembly refused to postpone Belgrade elections, scheduled for June 2, but stated that she accepts all other requests and added that they will be discussed at a new meeting.

On Tuesday, the opposition submitted a new request, asking for changes to the Constitutional Law so that the Belgrade and all local elections would be held in the fall, stating that the new request comes because there is no time for all ODIHR recommendations to be fulfilled by June 2, which Brnabić refused, with the claim that such a request is unconstitutional.

Representatives of the coalition "Serbia against violence" announced that they should make a final decision on participation in the upcoming Belgrade elections by Friday.


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