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Shameful: the PA of the Council of Europe adopted the recommendation that so-called Kosovo becomes its member

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in the afternoon part of the session, adopted the recommendation for the reception of the so-called Kosovo to that international organization.

Izvor: Novosti

Shameful: the PA of the Council of Europe adopted the recommendation that so-called Kosovo becomes its member


Two-thirds of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe MPs present must vote for the adoption of the proposal.

The debate at the plenary session started a little before 5:30 p.m.

The report is presented by the Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for the reception of the so-called Kosovo - Dora Bakoyanni.

She pointed out that she believes that this body should send a recommendation to the Committee of Ministers for the membership of the so-called Kosovo to the Council of Europe.

Bakoyanni pointed out that, despite the deterioration of the situation, especially regarding relations with minority communities, the authorities are determined to change the situation, but she does not state how Pristina wants to change the situation, bearing in mind that there is no trace of the CSM.

Head of the Serbian delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Biljana Pantić Pilja, pointed out that the reception of the so-called Kosovo opened Pandora's Box in Council of Europe and that Bakoyanni's report is proof that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states mean nothing to her.

"I would like to congratulate you on what you are doing today. You will go down in history as someone who brutally violated the international law on which the CoE is based. Accepting something that is not a state circumvents the rules of the CoE," she underlined.

Pantić Pilja reminded that the first condition is the establishment of the CSM, which is an international obligation that Prishtina signed 11 years ago, and which is the basic precondition for dialogue.

"If you allow the so-called Kosovo to accede to the CoE without establishing CSM, the Community will never be established. You said and wrote that you consider the establishment of the CSM a necessary condition for the protection of minority rights. Why don't you talk about human rights of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija? Since Kurti took over rule, ethnic cleansing of the Serbian community by Kurti's government is underway and 14 percent of the Serbs have left Kosovo and Metohija''.

"For ten months, the entry of Serbian goods into Kosovo and Metohija has been prohibited, Cyrillic signs have been removed, and the dinar has been banned, which endangers the lives of the remaining Serbs," she explained. She reminded that no one was held accountable for the attempted murder of two boys last Christmas.

"And you have decided to reward all those unilateral measures of Pristina with visa liberalization, admission to NATO and the EU. What you are doing is a precedent by which you are opening Pandora's box. You are showing that territorial integrity and sovereignty mean nothing to you. The status of our southern province is clearly regulated According to UN Resolution 1244, Kosovo and Metohija will always be part of Serbia. We may be a small country, but unlike you, we have integrity and we will never surrender and submit," underlined Pantić Pilja.

She pointed out that Serbia will consider whether to remain a member of an organization that violates international law.

"Long live Serbia," she said.

Simonović Bratić: Kosovo was, is and will be Serbia

MP from Serbia Dunja Simonović Bratić pointed out that Dora Bakoyanni's report is a "doom" not only for the basic values on which the Council of Europe rests, but also for common sense and for Europe itself.

She pointed out that the Rapporteur Dora Bakoyanni violated all the rules of procedure by preparing the report.

"She changed her mind on a daily basis, of the three conditions for membership, one was reached, so it became symbolic. The Serbs, who are suffering under the regime of Albin Kurti, were not included in the report, the amendment on the LGBT community was more important than the endangered lives of Serbian children," she said.


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