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Hearing of the suspect in the murder of Danka Ilić scheduled; "Everything will be known next week"

The suspect in the murder of two-year-old Danka Ilić. S.J. has defended himself by remaining silent, however, as his lawyer Živadin Bogdanović said, during the next week all the details of the crime are expected to be known, at the hearing scheduled for June 4


Hearing of the suspect in the murder of Danka Ilić scheduled; "Everything will be known next week"


"It is still not known exactly when S.J. will present his defense in the prosecution, however, everything will be known during the next week. For now, that's all I can say," Bogdanović told Kurir.

The second suspect in Danka's murder, let's recall, defended himself by remaining silent in the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar all this time, however, according to the information of the Kurir, and on April 17, there was a significant change when he said that he would tell the authorities everything.

He then canceled the power of attorney of his lawyer at the time, which he had after his arrest, and asked for another legal representative.

"S.J. was dissatisfied with the way his then-lawyer defended him, so he asked for a new one. This surprised us and let us know that he wants to change the way he defends himself. He defended himself by remaining silent in the prosecution, that is, he used his legal right not to present defense, but then he decided to present his defense anyway," the prosecutor's office told the above-mentioned newspaper.

According to the authorities, before the suspect was assigned a second defense attorney, it was clear that he would be advised to tell everything he knew because of the whole situation, so it is assumed that this was exactly one of the new lawyer's advice.

"Absolutely every lawyer would advise him to stop defending himself by remaining silent, especially considering that D.D. has already confessed to the crime and thereby freed S.J. from the suspicion that he is the direct killer of the girl," the source told Kurir, adding that it was only a matter of time when will S.J. speak up and request that he finally present his defense before the prosecution.

"It is expected that the date and time when S.J. will appear before the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar will soon be known, and we hope that his hearing will bring answers to many questions, so there is a possibility to discover where the body of little Danka Ilić is."

In the meantime, information has arrived that the hearing of S.J. at the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar is scheduled for June 4, when he will present his defense for the first time.

As a reminder, Danka Ilić (2) disappeared on March 26 in Banjsko polje, where she came from Bor with her mother and older brother. The suspects for that crime are D.D. from Zlot and S.J. from Luka, both workers of PUC "Vodovod" Bor, who are in custody. Father of D.D., R.D. (73) was arrested on April 6 on suspicion of helping his son move the body of a girl whom he had previously, by his own admission, strangled with his hands. Then D.D's brother, D.D. (40), was also arrested, who died only a day later in the premises of the Police Administration Unit Bor.


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