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It is exactly one month since Danka's murder; A drop of blood, GPS, base stations... The body is still missing

It has been exactly one month since the girl Danka Ilić (2) was killed in Banjsko Polje, and the suspects for a crime unheard of in Serbia are S.J. and D.D., who refuse to reveal the location where they moved the body from the landfill.


It is exactly one month since Danka's murder; A drop of blood, GPS, base stations... The body is still missing


The investigation into the murder of Danka Ilić continues in parallel with the intensive search for her body. Although the discovery of her body can answer many questions, many of the pieces of evidence collected so far are being examined by expert witnesses and will be of key importance for the entire procedure, Blic reminds.

One of the key pieces of evidence is a drop of blood found in the car with which the suspects allegedly hit Danka Ilić. A drop of blood was extracted as evidence and sent for DNA analysis, after which the identity of the murdered Danka Ilić was confirmed.

The two suspects cleaned the car with acid after the accident to remove the blood, but one drop escaped them.

One of the important pieces of evidence is the testimony of D.D. given to the prosecution when he admitted that he strangled Danka Ilić. His hearing then lasted more than two hours.

According to unofficial information, he then revealed that he had helpers with whose help he removed Danka Ilić's body from the landfill, i.e. that his brother and father helped him hide the body.

Father and brother D.D. were immediately arrested as accomplices. The father defended himself in the prosecutor's office by remaining silent, while the brother died less than two days after the arrest.

GPS recorded movement

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Bratislav Gašić, at the extraordinary press conference, where the details of the murder of Danka Ilić were discussed, also showed photos showing details from the GPS device that was in the car driven by the murder suspects.

Gašić then pointed out that their movement "was very symptomatic" that 150 meters from the place where they stopped in the yard of the Ilić family, that is the yard where Ivana Ilić was with her children, they covered those 150 meters in 5.5 minutes.

Through the tracking system of the official vehicle, it was established that the suspects went to the landfill, which is suspected to be the first place where they hid the girl's body. The GPS recorded that they stayed at the landfill for 1.41 minutes.

Base stations

During the investigation, the police checked all the base stations that helped arrest the suspects and linked them to the crime scene, however, they did not help in the search for the child's body.

Since the girl Danka Ilić disappeared on March 26 in Banjsko polje, according to Minister Bratislav Gašić, 46,000 phone number logs have been registered. Analyzes showed that the base stations recorded that the suspects' phones were located in Banjsko Polje at the critical time, that is, the place where all trace of the girl was lost.

Also, 175,000 communications were intercepted - telephone and text messages.

The suspect "fails" the polygraph

In order to shed light on the disappearance of Danka Ilić (2) from Bor, 15 polygraph tests were conducted, including the suspect in the girl's death, D.D. and S.J., said the Minister of the Interior.

Let us remind you that Danka Ilić disappeared on March 26 in front of the family house in the Banjsko Polje neighborhood near Bor. On the same day, a mass search was launched, in which citizens also participated in the first moment.


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