One of 5 remaining Serbs in Kosovo town dies

ĐAKOVICA -- An 82-year-old woman - one of only five remaining Serbs in the town of Đakovica in Kosovo - has died, it has been reported.

A view of Đakovica (file)
A view of Đakovica (file)

Jela Mijović and four other elderly women were the only Serbs left in the town after the March 2004 pogrom perpetrated by ethnic Albanians.

They all lived in a rebuilt structure located in the yard of a Serbian Orthodox monastery in the town.

Prior to 1999, several thousand Serbs lived in Đakovica.

The four elderly women who still remain there live under 24-hour protection of the Kosovo police (KPS).

One of them, 64-year-old Vasiljka Perić, told reporters that she was determined to stay in her hometown and that she was "satisfied with the care" provided to her and the three others:

"Thanks to our Bishop Teodosije and the brotherhood of the Visoki Dečani monastery, we have everything: food, health care, medicine."

But she also explained that none of the Serb women ever leave the monastery compound.

Perić said they "spoke to their (ethnic) Albanian neighbors), but that they "neither went to visit anyone, nor was anyone visiting them".

"If there's something we need, (KPS) police are willing to buy it for us, only some of the new ones won't," she explained.

Perić concluded by saying that it was "beautiful and hard" to live in Đakovica, but that it was "important for a Serb soul to be present in this town".