"No evidence against Oliver Ivanović"

BELGRADE -- Coordinator of the RECOM Initiative Natasa Kandić says "no evidence" has been found to confirm the allegations that Oliver Ivanović participated in any crimes.

Nataša Kandić (FoNet, file)
Nataša Kandić (FoNet, file)

Ivanović is a Serb politician from northern Kosovo who has been held in custody since January.

Kandić said that this was established during a comprehensive investigation within the project "Kosovo Memory Book" which aims to register all victims, including civilians, police, and army officers, who were killed in Kosovo and Metohija in the late 1990's.

"The investigation in the field rendered no findings to confirm the claims that Oliver Ivanović participated in crimes,” Kandić told the daily Politika.

The daily writes that the "alleged witness" against Ivanović is "the discredited Halit Berani" who during the 1999 NATO bombing spoke for western media making false statements about crimes committed by Serbs.

Ivanović, who heads the Citizens' Initiative Serbia, Democracy, Justice and was a candidate for mayor of northern Kosovska Mitrovica in February, has been in detention since January 27.

He was arrested on suspicion of involvement in an alleged war crime in 1999 and post-war incidents in 2000, including an aggravated murder, and for inciting to ethnically motivated murder.