Kosovo Office head meets with acting EULEX chief

Serbian Government Office for Kosovo Director Marko Djuric on Wednesday met with Bernd Thran, acting EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX head.

Source: Tanjug
Bernd Thran (Tanjug)
Bernd Thran (Tanjug)

Djuric congratulated him on the appointment and noted that the mission is "of essential importance for Serbia and the Serb people in Kosovo and Metohija."

Thran briefed Djuric on EULEX objectives for the new two-year term, while Djuric noted that only in its full capacity was EULEX a guarantee of security for Kosovo and Metohija Serbs, "in particular in the current situation, when many problems are arising as regards the Serbs' right to security of property and personal security."

Djuric "voiced concern over the treatment of Serbs by the judiciary in Kosovo and Metohija, noting that additional efforts must be made to guarantee legal certainty for Serbs," the Office said in a statement.

Djuric particularly highlighted the cases of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic and a group of four Serbs who remain in detention after recently being arrested near Pec, and noted the Serbs' inability to protect their property before the judiciary in Kosovo and Metohija, the statement said.


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