Deputy PM accuses president of "attacking government"

Zorana Mihajlovic announced on Tuesday that she "expects top state officials to respond calmly and wisely to Pristina's provocations."

Source: Tanjug

This cabinet minister from the ranks of the ruling SNS party, who also serves as one of PM Aleksandar Vucic's deputies, issued a statement "addressed to President Tomislav Nikolic," with the title saying it was "a strongly-worded response" to the president, "because he attacked the Serbian government."

"I don't expect President Nikolic to be calling out the government for not asking for the return of the Serbian army to Kosovo. Because, I'm convinced that the president knows very well why our soldiers are not in Kosovo," she wrote.

Another thing Mihajlovic "does not expect from the Serbian president" is to "imply that the government would be silent to the possible killing of Serbs in Kosovo and to threaten he would resign because of this, a couple of months before the elections."

"I expect all politicians in Serbia, especially top state officials, to respond calmly and wisely to Pristina's provocations. I expect them not to use Serbs from Kosovo in their campaigns and to contribute to the calming of tensions with their statements, instead of fanning new conflicts," she wrote.

Mihajlovic then stressed that she "expects politicians in Serbia to behave precisely the way Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic responded to the provocations of Albanians, something that EU high representative Federica Mogherini thanked him for."

According to this cabinet member, the government is "doing everything to preserve peace and stability and will do everything to preserve the safety of its citizens in Kosovo and Metohija and prevent any kind of conflict."

"I am convinced that President Tomislav Nikolic also knows this very well," said Mihajlovic.


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