Serbia "much closer to opening negotiations after Brussels"

Michael Davenport says Serbia is now much closer to the opening the first negotiating chapters in the EU talks after the signing of the agreement in Brussels.

Source: Tanjug
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

The progress we have seen on Tuesday opens the door to further steps in the dialogue and the normalization process, the head of the EU delegation to Serbia told the N1 broadcaster on Friday.

According to Tanjug, he "added that were it not for the efforts invested by the engagement of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, no results would have been achieved."

Asked about the date when the opening of the first chapter in the talks with the EU could be expected to occur, Davenport said that it is now up to the European Commission to propose the next steps and that it would be up to member countries to adopt the decision on the next steps and their pace.

He noted that a lot of it depends on Serbia's readiness, especially in terms of Chapters 23 and 24 and the sector of rule of law.

There is now a major chance for Serbia to enter a much more active stage of negotiations and there is room for the entire process to accelerate in the course of the next year, Davenport said.


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