Presidential adviser: Agreement will be reached on platform

Presidential adviser Stanislava Pak is convinced that "agreement will be reached" on President Tomislav Nikolic's Kosovo platform.

Source: Tanjug
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

"The line below which the president will not go" is to recognize Kosovo, she added.

Pak revealed that Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has "declared himself positively" about the platform and that he trusts Nikolic - "who drafted the platform primarily because an agreement on normalization (of relations) is expected from Serbia at some point," and because he wished that the country "approaches that event that awaits us in a strategic and planned manner."

"We want to achieve what is some minimum, what we an accept according to the Constitution. Time will tell whether it's realistic or not," the adviser told the Belgrade-based broadcaster TV Pink.

Pak described this as "responsible behavior - because the Albanian side has had a strategy for centuries, and a plan to achieve Greater Albania." Serbia should have a plan regarding what its wants in relations with the Albanian side in Kosovo and Metohija, she added.

"The worst possible tactic would be to have no strategy, no platform for further talks with the Albanians," said the Pak.

"The Brussels agreement is not something that completely solves this situation, and it is in fact about a final resolution of our relations when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija," Pak has been quoted as saying.

She added, however, that she "has not seen the platform" and that Nikolic will discuss it with Vucic, while "the intention is to help the government, to have a framework within which the government would talk to the Albanian side."

"The platform is prone to changes and additions," said the adviser, adding these would go "up to the limit below which the president will not go, and that's recognition of Kosovo."

Pak thinks that agreement will be reached over this, and that Serbia "has a plan and a strategy," while the aim is "to preserve the country's territorial integrity, for (our) interest to be achieved by diplomatic means and talks."

Speaking about "the return" of SRS leader Vojislav Seselj to the Hague Tribunal, Pak said that "the May 26 deadline that has been given is too short," and pointed out that "there are procedures and rules which must be respected, cooperation with the Hague must be done according to the law."

"At the same time, the problem is that the Appeals Chamber has filed that request instead of the Trial Chamber, which is why our state must ask why things are done in that way," added Pak.

She also commented on the visit to Italian President Sergio Matarella to say it would focus on "promotion of bilateral cooperation," and described Italy as a country that gives Serbia "great support in European integrations."

Speaking about Nikolic's visit to Cuba last week, she pointed out that the president was "welcomed with highest honors."

"Nikolic met with a warm reception of the leader of the Cuban Revolution and former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, who is a great friend of Serbia," added Pak.


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