Samizdat B92 publishing 3 books translated from Albanian

The Belgrade-based daily Politika writes on Friday about three new books published by Samizdat B92.

Source: B92, Politika
(FoNet, file)
(FoNet, file)

They are translations from Albanian, and include Ismail Kadare's "The Palace of Dreams," Albanian PM Edi Rama's "Kurban," and Petrit Imami's "Serbs and Albanians Through Centuries."

The newspaper writes that Kadare's book, translated by Shkelzen Maliqi, represents "a nightmarish vision of repression of the human spirit" - an allegoric story about Ottoman Turkey's totalitarian system.

Kadare, who has been a Nobel Prize for Literature candidate for many years, in this way presented his vision of the regime of former Albanian leader Enver Hoxha, a work that Maliqi has referred to as "a master piece."

Edi Rama's book that came out in 2011, after he lost the race for the mayor of Tirana, is published in Serbian for the first time. Rama will be the guest of his Serbian publisher soon, whose representatives described the book as "a programmatic confession about a conflict situation in Albania," one that was "very personal and carried out by conflicting his own vision of democratic transformation and modernization of Tirana and Albania with the authoritarian one of Sali Berisha."

Finally, Petrit Imami's two-volume historical study will be republished in Serbian and Albanian ahead of this fall's International Book Fair in Belgrade, with the second volume scheduled to come out by the end of the year.

Imami was born in Prizren and educated in Belgrade, where he now works at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. His book covers the events on the Balkan Peninsula from the Great Schism in 1054, until modern times.

"In many surveys most Albanians are accusing Slobodan Milosevic and his regime, not the Serb nation, for the great evil that happened in Kosovo, for which Kosovo Serbs as well as Albanians have already suffered, and are yet to suffer," said the author, quoted by Politika.


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