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"D-Day" on June 9? Orban: The choice is between war and peace

The elections that will be held for the European Parliament on June 9 present a choice between war and peace, the future of our children and the overall opportunities for life in Hungary, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said yesterday.

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"D-Day" on June 9? Orban: The choice is between war and peace


Orbán said in an interview with the Patriot YouTube channel that he was shocked by the assassination attempt of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and that his first thought was concern for the life of his colleagues, MTI reported. His second thought, he said, was that he would be "left alone" in Brussels with his position on the war and have "all kinds of additional security rules" imposed on him.

As for the war, Orbán said European politicians tend to think of the nuclear bomb mostly as a "tactical tool of deterrence" rather than something that should actually be used. He added, however, that the problem is that no one in World War II thought that the Americans would use nuclear bombs. Orbán said he considered the talk of nuclear weapons a "bad omen".

"The expression 'NATO mission in Ukraine' makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up," said the Hungarian Prime Minister. He said that talk of tactical nuclear weapons, depleted uranium munitions, world war itself and sending troops of defense alliances outside its territory was "terrifying".

Orbán stated that the resistance to these things is not as strong among Westerners as among Hungarians, adding that we are now "in the middle of a process that in 10 years could be talked about as a prelude to the Third World War."

Europe, he said, plunged into war without even estimating the amount of money and equipment that would be needed to achieve its military goal, adding that "he has never seen anything more irresponsible."


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