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Germany is preparing for "hell"

In the summer months, longer periods of heat and humidity are possible, which are risky for many, which is why the German government advocates better information for citizens and practical measures.


Germany is preparing for "hell"


Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach appealed for better prevention of health problems and deaths due to the heat for the coming summer.

"Climate change will make heat protection a permanent problem," he said on Friday after a meeting in Berlin with representatives of provinces, local governments, health and science.

Lauterbach emphasized that this requires systematic preparation.

"Otherwise, thousands of citizens will die unnecessarily every summer," said the minister, reminding that high temperatures affect the health of the elderly, the sick and people in the open.

Ministry of Health therefore presented unique recommendations for practical heat protection measures in hospitals and care facilities. It is, for example, about the education of staff and patients and about proposals for the creation of spaces that are in the shade and water supplies.

It is planned to provide better information to citizens during the European Football Championship in Germany this summer.

With these warnings, Lauterbach said, the fact that the German Meteorological Service can now forecast the coming heat wave five days in advance should also be used.


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