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Drama in Romania: The Missing Girl (2); Police on their feet, helicopters raised

Two-year-old girl Raisa Maria disappeared from her yard in Dolj County, Romania yesterday, and since then more than 150 people have been tirelessly searching for her.


Drama in Romania: The Missing Girl (2); Police on their feet, helicopters raised
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The girl headed from her home towards her grandfather's house, which is only a few meters away and was no longer there.

Police, volunteers and relatives combed the area throughout the night, but the girl is nowhere to be found. Search dogs were also involved in the search, and the police raised drones and a helicopter.

The disappearance of the child was reported by a neighbor who also searched for her all night.

"She had nowhere to go from the gate. We looked everywhere, every bush," says the neighbor.

Grandfather is in shock because of the disappearance. He says he was not worried that the child did not come home because he thought the little one had fallen asleep.

"Every day she sleeps between 1 and 1:30 p.m. I saw sandals," says the grandfather.

The police took the parents to the station to give a statement, while neighbors and locals are helping special teams in the search.

It is not known where the child could have gone and what happened to the girl. The media reports that the girl is about a meter tall, weighs 13 kilograms, has brown eyes and short, brown, wavy hair.

At the time of her disappearance, the child was wearing a yellow T-shirt, black pants and was probably barefoot.


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